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You don't have to spend time and be responsible for entering information. The team responsible for Meepla offers implementation, administration and graphic design of the elements in the creation of a personalised event on the platform. By receiving comprehensive care, you can focus on your own tasks and the relationship with your event participants!

Registration system

Meepla is a functional application that quickly creates a personalised event with the possibility of promotion through dedicated video banners, animations and an extensive landing page.

Reports on the status of
registrations for the customer
Possibility to insert
any number of fields
Reports on the status of
registrations for the customer
Panel administracyjny
dla uczestnika
Notification system
for the participant
landing page

Communication with the participant

Take care of relationship building and event management by staying in touch with attendees. Users get access to speaker bios, meeting schedules, surveys and interactive materials.

Photo or avatar of
Enrolment and reservation of places
for selected events
Add selected
Surveys during events
and presentation of results

Event area

Create dedicated meeting rooms for your attendees, using your brand's key visuals, advertising materials, partner logos and a board with key updates.

When Meepla works at your event

In this age of rapid transformation and the amount of data we process daily, don't focus on preparing your event. Meepla is a proven system to manage your event professionally for you.


Platform branding

Adding scenes and moderators

Presentation of the agenda in the rooms

Dedicated landing page

Chat dla każdej transmisji

Mobile version of the system


Parallel streaming

Video banners and animations

Prezentacja partnerów eventu

SMS system and newsletter

Surveys and materials for visitors

Biographies of the presenters


Sign up for the event

Regulamin i agenda eventu

Live notifications

Advertising material

News board

Identification of participants

A simple and convenient

Comprehensive management of
your event
Branding with the customer's
key visual
Possibility to insert
any number of scenes
Time and schedule
Possibility of communication
with participants
and statistics

Figures on future events

See for yourself the statistics on why you should choose Meepel

of corporations want to organise hybrid events in the future
of companies want to communicate information fluently during an event
Customers want to ensure the safety of participants.

Let's create a unique event together!